The Future

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We are currently looking to distribute our games to learning-based websites and to garner classroom use. If you are, or know of someone that could utilize our game, in either case, please contact us!

What We Hope To Achieve

We want to get this game into the hands of thousands, if not millions of kids and see if science concepts can be taught at a younger age (6-11) in an appealing way. Will children play our game and learn from it? Will they play it not because it is assigned work, but because it's fun? To teach kids through games. But not just typical teaching - we want to inspire kids through games that have embedded educational objectives to become interested in science and engineering careers. Simply put, we wants kids to find the fun in tomorrow's careers.

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Portals and Papers

Once our game has been around for a bit, check back here for info about where to find PuppyBot Rescue and about any papers or presentations about PuppyBot Rescue!