Playing Games With Your Students

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About the Game

PuppyBot Rescue is a one player game that teaches your K-3rd grade students in two areas

  • Scientific principles of balance
  • Torque

These objectives are drawn from the National Research Council's Framework for K-12 Science Education and Pennsylvania's Academic Standards. The game was created by a team of educational researchers and game designers at Carnegie Mellon University and Sesame Workshop.

Playing PuppyBot Rescue in Your Classroom

Playing PuppyBot Rescue can be an easy and effective way for your students to learn important scientific concepts and have fun doing it. As little as 20 minutes of playing has been demonstrated to increase students understanding of balance and stability, one of the educational objectives in the National Research Council's Framework for Science Education as well as in many sets of science standards. How long your students play depends on the time available. Allowing enough time, even over several sessions, for your students to reach the game's higher levels will give them the opportunity to work with the widest range of principles and apply those principles in different situations.

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PuppyBot Rescue's Educational Objectives

PuppyBot Rescue is built on a research paper by Robert S. Siegler, "Three Aspects of Cognitive Development". The principles of balance in PuppyBot Rescue are compatible with the Motion and Stability Core Idea (PS 2) from the NRC Framework, specifically: PS2.A: Forces and motion (p. 114-116) PS2.C Stability and Instability in Physical Systems (p. 118-120) Research and development for PuppyBot Rescue continues as more kids play the game. Playing PuppyBot Rescue in your classroom helps your students learn, and helps improve the game. Students playing at home contribute, too. Your students can participate in a real scientific study, explore science concepts, and develop skills all while having fun!

Get Involved

There are several ways you can collaborate with Carnegie Mellon University's ENGAGE project to bring fun games with real learning into classrooms:

  • Play the games for free with your students. Whenever students play, the games collect anonymous data about how students play and what they learn. We use the data to improve both learning and engagement. No commitment necessary, just play whenever you want. Many students like to play during their free time at school or at home.
  • Invite our researchers into your classroom.Your classroom and students can be part of a scientific experiment! Our researchers will introduce one of the games to your students, have them take a short test (no more than 5-10 minutes), then let them play. Afterward, our researchers may ask your students to take a second short test to see what your students learned. Some studies can take only 45 minutes, other studies give your students more opportunities to play over a few days, allowing them to play at higher levels and work with more ideas.

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Become a CMU ENGAGE Partner

Work with us to bring fun games with proven learning to other classrooms and to students everywhere.

How To Use PuppyBot's Balancing Act

PuppyBot's Balancing Act is a 'sandbox' game where you can add blocks to a supported beam and guess what the outcome will be. A recommended use for this would be either before and/or after your students play the game.

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